The realities of the global economy have created new opportunities for cost-cutting through outsourcing and off-shoring. The result, however, has often been extra administrative effort and work of questionable quality. At Flatiron Data we have carved a niche in this ever-changing marketplace.

Our clients call on us every day to do their most complex and demanding work. Whether it is for highly technical project-specific subject matter, the work of their most valuable clients, or anything that has to be defended in court, many of the world's largest market research companies turn to us when it absolutely has to be right.
Our clients are among the largest market research companies in the world, and even though they have set up coding operations out of the country they have continued to send us their most important or complex work. We have gained their trust the hard way: by producing flawless results on time – time after time.

Our client list reads like a who's who of market research. We do work for the world's two largest market research companies: we also have clients who only do a few projects a year. But regardless of size, all of our clients experience the same highly personal attention. There is no voice mail here. Your call will be picked up by someone who knows your name, is familiar with your project, and can help you with whatever you need.
The experience and professionalism of our staff cannot be matched. Simply put, the people at Flatiron Data are absolutely the very best coders working in market research today. Our employees all work full-time and on-site. This is something that sets us apart apart from our competition.

The Internet has created a decentralized workplace that enables companies to build a staff of isolated individuals working from anywhere in the world on an "as-needed" basis. At Flatiron Data we are convinced that a staff of full-time professionals working on site is the only way to produce high quality work that is consistent – from desk to desk and from wave to wave.
Flatiron Data produces open end data of unparalleled quality. That's it. We don't do anything else.

No one wants to think about open end coding. Language is cumbersome and imprecise and organizing and quantifying this material is difficult and time consuming. However, the rich detail buried in these responses adds depth to your analysis and is highly valued by your clients.

When you turn your open ends over to us you can decide how involved you want to be. You may be looking for a partner to work with or looking for a team that can produce what you need with a minimum of input. Either way you will be in good hands.

We will build an intelligent set of codes that will drive your analysis - often in directions that you wouldn't have considered. We use the Ascribe program for the fastest possible turnaround and the highest level of quality control. Then, after coding, we will send you final codes and data in whatever format you require.

Our clients take us for granted – and we consider that the greatest compliment they could give us.

Concept/Product Testing

Language, even when applied to the simplest of subject matter, is a complex affair. In coding a concept and/or product test we understand that the language of consumers is an expression of their thoughts and desires. Through thoughtful code building and sophisticated coding, this language is captured and presented in a way that gives your clients the richness of expression that makes them turn to open ends in the first place.

Medical/Pharmaceutical Testing

The medical/pharma category presents its own challenges. A considerable amount of research is required to establish even a basic understanding of the subject matter. An ability and willingness to do this research is what separates us from other companies who are content to get by with "skimming" responses and matching a few words.

Legal Research

Legal studies represent a real challenge to coders. These studies often explore subtle distinctions that are the basis of legal challenges, but at the same time they must be coded consistently, checked totally and be completely above reproach. That someone down the line will be picking this work apart is practically guaranteed.

Social/Political Research

The topics in this category range from local issues and propositions to the latest national issues. The one thing that is generally common is an absolute need for speed. Projects in this category usually require next day results and Flatiron delivers.

"The reward for excellence is patronage, not praise."
Tony Oliva

Tony Oliva, president of Flatiron Data, has worked in market research continuously since 1977. He started out as a coder – working in most of the large coding houses on Madison and Lexington Avenues in New York. He worked as a freelance project director and ran a small coding company in the early 80's. In 1985 he signed on to run MacGregor Suzuki, Inc. where he worked for over twenty years, helping to design Autocode - one of the first computer interfaces for electronically collected open ends - and building a team of the very best people working in coding today.

He opened Flatiron Data in 2006.
Tony Oliva

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